Are you looking to get a guideline on all in one printers reviews 2017? Yes, you need a separate guide for only the printers that released in 2017 but we promise that we are not going to make things complex for you. Life is already difficult in the world of tech products because there is always the next update waiting on the corner. We have to make sure that we get the right product at the best possible price which meets all our criteria. In this all in one printer reviews 2017 article, we tried to make sure that we do exactly that task.

We will not bomb you with a ton of products and will ask you to pick one from them. It is a tough task and we know it. The motto of this article and the reason behind calling this an all in one printers reviews 2017 article is simple. We want to make sure that you get the right model from this article. So, let’s talk about the one that we picked for you guys.

All in One Printers

The product that we picked for you is the Canon PIXMA MX922 which is a wireless office product. This product is considered as an all in one solution for anybody who is interested in a printer. The best part about using this model is that this one is suitable for every need. Whether you are a student who needs occasional printing facilities or an office person who needs to print hundreds of papers daily, this product will come handy to you and that is the sole reason that why we picked this product for our article.

There are two different versions of this product out there in the market. One of them is a complete package that comes with a bundle of printer and ink where the other one comes with only the printer. We think that the bundle package will suit more people if you are buying a completely new unit as it comes with everything else at a competitive price but if you already have some items left at your home, it will be a good idea to simply buy the solo printer and then customize it on your own.

All the dimensional papers are available and integrated with this printer which is another great advantage. Overall, you will surely receive a happy experience from this product.